Course Update April 22nd, 2020



Above:  Snow removal on the fourth green
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 Ice removal at 13 green mid - winter
Despite a harsh winter season, the golf course has wintered well, this gets us started on the right note to provide our members with great conditions for the 2020 season.

Taken Sunday March 15, 2020 - 2 Green

We were able to complete all of our winter preparations prior to the early snow last fall.  All fine turf areas were well prepared for a long and stressful winter season.  A heavy topdressing of sand along with predominantly bent grass surfaces helped us to manage through another ice filled winter season.
Last season, winter came early, with snowfall accumulating in early November.  Projects that were underway came to a halt, including:
  • 17 fairway tree removal and drainage
  • 13 Tree removal back left of the green (sunlight)
  • Adding irrigation to strategic areas on the golf course
These areas will be finished up this spring as soon as possible given the situation we now find ourselves in.  As more staff become available these areas will be completed as time permits.
Over the winter we were able to provide additional sunlight to some fine turf areas including:
  • 14 Green, 18 tee
  • 6 green, 7 tee
  • 11 green
  • 13 Green
In the next few weeks we will be performing essential maintenance on the golf course, mowing and/or rolling only when necessary, clean up/removal of debris and turf repair from winter damage.  We look forward to opening the golf course in some fashion when government restrictions allow, and most importantly when it is safe for everyone to do so.

  First Hole - From the Gold Tee

* Photos courtesy of Sean May
 Respectfully Submitted,
Chad Vibert
Golf Course Superintendent