Our values guide all aspects of Mad River and point to a club quite unlike the typical city golf club.

This is Our Club

Mad River is a friendly, member-owned, family golf club committed to the development of all players regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. We are proud to provide an exceptional golf experience and foster camaraderie and enjoyment of the game.

We Respect Fellow Players and their Guests

All players are treated equally well. We dress and act in a way that will not offend others and let others enjoy their game as they want to enjoy it. Each of us is guided by a commitment to make the game as enjoyable as possible, including pace of play. Guests are treated just like members. In return, we ask that guests respect Mad River’s values, which may be different from those of other clubs.

We Respect the Game and its Traditions

Mad River’s focus is solely on golf. We are a club in the country, not a country club. We teach and adhere to the Rules and Etiquette of the game and are keenly interested in both its history and evolution.

We Respect Our Golf Course

In our view, Mad River is one of the best golf clubs anywhere. We try to leave the course in better shape than we found it by replacing divots, fixing ball marks and raking bunkers. We take care not to damage the course and its equipment and do not leave refuse on the course. We drive carts with care for the course in mind. We do these things out of respect for others and as proud stewards of our course and the game.

We Respect Our Staff

We treat our staff as equals and members of the Mad River family. Our relationship with our staff is respectful, mutually courteous and helpful. Staff share the Club’s values and take joint responsibility for providing an enjoyable, high-quality experience. 

We Respect Our Property

We take a great deal of pride in and care of our clubhouse, golf course and property.  We are conscious to conserve the soil, water, wildlife and all other aspects of the environment.

We Respect Our Community

Mad River takes pride in being a responsible member of the community in which we live. We actively strive to enhance those communities through our participation and involvement.

We Strive to Evolve

Though the Club may have an informal character, Mad River is well-managed and efficient. We continually source technology and techniques to improve our operations.