From the Membership Desk


Many of you will remember the fire of 2004 that destroyed our humble clubhouse and shook our membership to its very core.  While it would have been easy to get lost in the devastation before us on that day, in true Mad River fashion, within 24 hours a committee was struck and a plan in place to move forward.

While COVID-19 is a vastly different set of circumstances, my point is that Mad River Members are known for their willingness to adapt to and to carry on; especially if it opens a gateway to enjoying their golf course!  As we all know, the approach to golf and the social side of the club will be different this summer, however, once we emerge from this pandemic, I have faith that Mad River will be as strong as before and enthusiastic to celebrate the Club's 30 year anniversary in 2021.

Even during troubled times I am confident in promoting the Club and I hope that you will be too.  There is no denying Mad River is the best golf course in this area bar none.  It is a proven fact in the golf community and as owners of this exceptional golf course I hope that you will continue to support the current membership drive. 

There is significant interest in the “Tee It Up In 2020” campaign and memberships are continuing to sell.  With your active participation we can achieve our goal of 20 membership sales this season.  As an added incentive, the same member bonus structure that was offered with the “Drive for 35” program is carried forward;

“Provide a lead that becomes an equity member and receive a $1000 credit on your Mad River account”.  

The fee to join Mad River is currently $17,500 the annual dues are waived for the new member and their immediate family for one season. 

Here are the top five highlights for use when discussing Mad River with friends and colleagues.

1)  The top ranked golf course in the Georgian Triangle by SCOREGolf, Golf Week & Golf Digest.
2)  All Regular Members have a vote
3)  We are guided by values as opposed to rules. We are a social club that is informal, polite, and       welcoming to new members and guests.
4)  We are here to help members maximize their enjoyment of the game by offering excellent coaching and complimentary clinics utilizing the latest technology.
5) Our Club is debt-free with over 1.5 million dollars in the long-term capital fund.

Please direct any prospective leads to or call 705-443-9818

Hoping to see you at the Club as soon as safely possible.

Onward and upward! But from a physical distance, with gloves, and masks, and hand sanitizer. 😊