Golf Course Update


July was an extremely dry month, precipitation totals were well below normal, in fact last year we had 77 mm of rain compared to this year a measly 18 mmm of rain.  Despite this the golf course has remained in good condition throughout the month.  A huge shout out goes to the golf course turf maintenance team, they have been dragging hoses all summer long and have done a fantastic job through some hot and dry weather conditions.
Moisture management has been the biggest challenge for us this summer season. 
Despite less than ideal conditions, our bent grass on our entire property has performed very well.  We are very diligent with our watering practices, we employ the use of moisture metres on our green and collar areas making applications of water precise, to only those areas that require it.  We also hand water some of our fairway areas, knolls at 2,4 and 10 again, in order to apply water just where we need it rather than soak the entire fairway.  This practice allows us to keep the greens drier than using overhead sprinklers all the time and in turn leaves us much less susceptible to turfgrass pests.
We successfully hosted both the Men’s and Ladies Club Championships this month and we look forward to preparing the golf course for the upcoming Club Championship weekend.
While we have been doing everything, we can keeping your golf course alive through this stretch of dry weather, we have been busy with some minor improvements throughout the property.
  • The new white tee at #2 is currently under construction, final grade will occur this week followed by irrigation install and finally seed/sod in the next couple weeks.  
  • We have been busy installing new cart path material at 17, 18, and 13, these areas have also been treated with our binding agent, this process has worked very well reducing dust while maintaining a less than formal appearance.  This has worked well in all areas of the golf course.
  • We have installed a solar powered pond aerator on the second hole pond, this should help to keep this pond clear of algae and or duck weed formation.
  • The cart turnaround for the courtesy cart @ 7 has been installed, please use the asphalt path to turn the cart rather than the bluegrass in this area to avoid wear.
Small Projects on the golf course to look for in the coming weeks:
Complete bridge reconstruction at #2 
Seed/ sod at 2 white tee
#9 white tee construction
Pathway work at 7, 18, 16
#15 and #17 fescue area update
These areas were seeded at the end of June/early July just at the onset of our extended drought period for much of the month of July.  Long hot days didn’t really give our fescue seed much of a chance, especially as our sprinkler system doesn’t water these areas.  By design this fescue is planted in poor soils, this in combination with low seeding rates helps us to keep the fescue thin and wispy in these areas.  High seeding rate in combination with good, rich soils generally produce thick heavy, lost ball, type fescue areas.  We are being patient with these areas to allow the fescue to grow in, sparse.  Cooler shorter days ahead along with some rainfall will allow us to get some additional fine fescue germination in these areas, weeds will be treated but these areas will remain a little sparse for a period of time, fescue takes not only months, but years to get really good, thin and wispy!  
Please use our cart paths where ever possible (especially around greens and tee areas) when using a power cart while playing golf at Mad River.  Please respect all ropes and signage around the property, and use our cart exit posts (white with purple tops) as a guide to exit fairways and head back to the paths.    
Thank you for helping us take care of your golf course!
Respectfully Submitted,
Chad Vibert