Aeration Notice


The golf course maintenance team are looking forward to preparing the golf course for the upcoming club championship weekend.  The weather looks to be shaping up nicely after some timely rain events this past week.

We have the unfortunate task of aerating our greens and fairways beginning next Monday Aug 13 and 14th, with a rain date of the August 15th.  We strive hard to provide a smooth putting surface all year long, the last thing we want is any disruption to these surfaces.  It is necessary though, for both the short and long term health of our putting greens.

Why aerate at this time of year????

There is never a good time to aerate, and of course the greens are always seem to be at their best just prior to aeration.   Poa Annua is a winter annual grass species, which simply means it germinates in the fall of the year, September is its most prolific time.  This means we need to aerate and get the holes closed up or filled in prior to that occurring.  Open holes in the fall give poa the perfect opportunity to invade, and poa is an extremely opportunistic plant!  At this time of year, late summer, bentgrass is actively growing.  This closes holes quickly both for playability of the putting surface and agronomically for poa control.  

The quickest way to have poa annua invade your putting surfaces is poorly timed aeration practices.

For those interested, the following explains why we aerify.

Aerification provides much needed oxygen into the root zone, while removing organic material, which is created by senescing plant parts.  Too much organic material leads to unwanted pressure from both turf grass disease and insects.  Too much organic matter also leads to poor performance of putting greens causing scalping, soft, bumpy surfaces and decreased ball roll over time.  Unfortunately this is an essential process for golf course greens to remain healthy for the rest of this year and for years to come.

If you would like more information on why golf courses aerate, please go to the following link: 

Respectfully Submitted,
Chad Vibert
Golf Course Superintendent