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“Our members are our greatest asset. We’re fortunate to have their experience to support the management team. Together, we have produced financial strategies that have resulted in a balance sheet that is as impressive as our golf course.”

Ray Richards, Co-Founder

Our members and management team, believe they have a responsibility to maintain Mad River’s course, clubhouse, equipment and property in top condition – not just for the present membership, but for future generations.

Thanks to affordable annual capital contributions by the equity members, we have accumulated a substantial capital fund that has enabled us to reinvest continually in the Club, without costly surprises or outside financing. The same prudent approach to annual budgeting has kept Mad River’s annual dues among the lowest of comparable private clubs in Central Ontario.

The game of golf has evolved, along with our members’ abilities and preferences, and we believe the Club has an obligation to respond to both. In 2012, for a relatively modest investment, we completed a major renovation to the course. Changes included the resurfacing of the greens, significant changes to five holes and a reconfiguring of tee boxes. These enhancements ensure Mad River continues to ‘test the best’ while offering more opportunity to enjoy the course for those with more modest golf skills.