Golf Course Update


The spring season continues to be cold and wet, even on warm days the overnight temperatures remain cold with our share of frost.  Hopefully we will night go from too cold to really hot overnight and have a gentle assent to warmer temps.
We have been busy training new staff on both equipment operation and procedures during the first few weeks of the season.  We have a few new faces on staff this season, and all seem to be fitting in very nicely.  We look forward to a great 2019 season of golf.
Poa removal is now in full swing, this time of year Poa is easier to identify and remove from our putting surfaces.  With a very rainy late fall, followed by a harsh winter and now into a wet, cloudy spring, all provide ample opportunity for Poa to invade.
You may notice our staff out in large groups performing this extremely tedious task, it is due to their hard work we continue to have great success with bentgrass populations.
Despite the weather our golf course maintenance staff have been busy with various projects throughout the property, these include:
Topdressing our fairways, this provides a firmer smoother turf surface over time
Stump removal and grading left side of 5 fairway
Interseeding fairway areas that had some Poa fail over the winter season
Dryjected our approaches in order to firm surfaces in these areas
Pond clean out at 16
Temperatures toward the end of this week look positive and will promote some much needed growth throughout the property.  While soil temperatures remain cool to date, this warm up, should allow us to focus on smoothing our putting surfaces in the coming days and weeks.
We have some projects planned on the golf course for the next few weeks, these include:
Finish grading left side of #5 followed by seed in this area
Overseeding under treed areas such as 1,5,6,15 
Solid tine and topdress tees
Adding sand to bunkers where required
Thinning fescue areas, including around bunkers at 13
Spot treating for weeds in our rough areas
17 stream clean out to continue once this area 
Grading left side of 15 green followed by fescue seed
Just a gentle reminder to repair your ball marks and one other on our greens even if you’ve hit the green and bounced over the back, it probably still left a mark.  Any voids created on our green surfaces, gives Poa an opportunity to invade. 
Always try to replace divots in the rough (bluegrass areas) never use the seed and soil provided, it contains bentgrass seed which is not a good species of grass when it is mowed at a 2” height, if you cannot replace your divot, please just leave it alone.
Thank You for helping us take care of your course!
Respectfully Submitted,
Chad Vibert
Golf Course Superintendent