Golf Course Update - June 27


Despite the wet weather the golf course remains fairly firm in most areas, the exceptions being #2 and #10.  These areas are the lowest on the property and tend to hold a little more moisture after rain events.  While we have been experiencing some precipitation, we have not had any large rain events and certainly have not had damaging rain.  Our golf course has been quite playable throughout this stretch of weather but this has been no less annoying to golfers.
In the last few weeks we have been focusing on improving the texture of our turf on our putting surfaces.  We have increased brushing, lowered our height of cut and been using grooved rollers all in an effort to promote upright growth and have the plants produce a finer leaf blade.  As a result, the greens are rolling rather well.   
We have also been busy removing Poa from our green surfaces.  In recent weeks, it has been trying to produce seed, in order to reproduce itself.  This makes it very easy to identify and we have been removing physically.  Please fix your ball marks, to not give Poa a void to fill. 
This spring we have been busy with some small projects around the property, these include: 
We have finished grading left side of #5 followed by sod and finally some seed in this area
Over seeded under treed areas such as 1,5,6,15 
Solid tined and top-dressed tees
Added sand to bunkers where required
Thinned fescue areas, including around bunkers at 13
Spot treated for weeds in our rough areas
17 stream has been cleaned out and is ready for seed 
Graded the left side of 15 green followed by fescue seed
We have leveled and seeded the path at #9
Sodded areas at 6 and 9 fairways, sod taken from the start of 2 fairway
Dryjected our approaches to promote added firmness in these areas
We have installed rubber matts at the cart path end @ 6 to help with wear tolerance
Just a quick reminder, where possible, please try to put your divot back and step on it firmly to make sure the roots contact the soil.  If your divot falls apart or you cannot find it in the fairway or tee locations, please fill your divot with seed and sand.  Please do not use seed and sand in any rough areas; this mixture contains bentgrass seed that we do not want in our rough areas.   
In the next few weeks we will be focussing on conditioning of the golf course, as Men’s Member/Member is this week, followed by Ladies Member/Guest next week.  Along with great conditions, we plan to get a few small projects completed as well, these include: 
Installing a solar powered bubbler on #2 pond
Cart turnaround area at #7 to accommodate courtesy cart
Hydroseeding #17 in the new stream area 
Cart path improvements @ 18 tee, 5green, 6tee, 5 tee etc.
Bridge replacement at 2 fwy
Venting green surfaces to provide oxygen into the rootzone
Continuing to add sand to bunkers where required
Please remember not to drive power caddies on our collars.  Collars are very difficult to maintain, spinning tires from power caddies are extremely detrimental to these small yet finicky areas of the golf course.  Please use the bluegrass green surrounds to navigate your way around our green sites.
Thank you for helping us take care of your course!
Respectfully Submitted,
Chad Vibert