Man's Best Friend


Last week we asked the question if you supported the notion of allowing members to have their dogs accompany them on the golf course on a restricted basis.

Some have wondered why we would ask the question; the reason is the growing number of members that had been asking if this could be permitted at Mad River. 

In Europe this has been a long-standing practice and it’s becoming more prevalent at clubs in North America.

The question did provoke strong views, in particular from those not in support of the idea.

The survey went to all Regular Members at the Club and we received responses from 259 of you, about 80%.

The results of the survey, were 59.07% against and 40.93% in favor, closer than many would have thought. 

The results do indicate the majority of members do not support permitting dogs on the course, even on a restricted basis.

Thank you for participating,
Gary Ward,