Ladies Captain's Report - Frances Painter


Ladies Day Trial: I am investigating the best timing to meet the needs of the majority of ladies that play on Tue. So for Aug. 6, 13, 20 Ladies Day will be held starting at 10 am for 18 holers and noon for nine holers with lunch, from the menu, following play. Unfortunately due to previous commitments of the tee on Tues morning, an earlier time or a shot gun were not an option at this time. Sign up online as usual, you will receive an email the night before with your time. In Sept., Ladies Day will return to its usual afternoon schedule. 
Ladies Day – July 23rd – We played 9/9. Winners of the day were: 1st - Pat McGee, Susan Buick (Pat’s friend) and Frances Painter, 2nd – Lesley Brightling, Nancy O’Donnell-Jeffery, Susan Little, 3rd – Susan Quigley, Delia Dobson, Yvonne McGowan.
Food and Beverage draw winner was Frances Price. Bounty ball is carried over to next week.
July 30th – Game is Beat the Pro!
What Tees Should I Play? There is some great research out there about determining the length of course we should play to optimize our enjoyment of the sport. Google “How to Decide What Set of Golf Tees to Play.” One of our members, Cathy Viner, has embraced playing the yellow tees. This is what she has to say:
The interesting thing is that it’s not that I can’t play the Red Tees but to be able to get on the Green in Regulation (which is what the game should be) is it not⛳⛳👍 Playing the Yellow Tees has changed my attitude about the Game and I have more confidence in my playability and the Game is so much more enjoyable.   The opportunity of breaking 90 is a great feeling. 
Don’t be reticent to try a different tee. Ultimately it is your own personal choice. 
Match Play: We’re onto third round matches in singles and mixed match play. Singles completion date is Aug. 18 and mixed match play completion date is Aug. 11. (Remember Club C is the weekend of the 11th/12th so don’t wait until the deadline to play!)
Upcoming Events: Watch for notices in the Mad Post!
August 10/11 Sat & Sun: Championship Weekend
August 27 Tue: Link to Pink 
August 29 Thur: Sr. Club Championship