Mad River Academy

The Mad River Academy is a perfect blend of old world teaching methodologies, new world concepts, and state-of-the-art technology.  Pulling knowledge from some of the greatest coaches, not only in golf, but leaders in sport, our PGA Professionals are always learning new ways to improve our coaching so we can assist you to improve your performance. 

We offer the next generation of game improvement technology in modern golf coaching: Trackman 4K-Vest and SAM Putt lab.  Trackman 4 offers many new features over previous generations, including improved short game data capture, putting performance, and club-impact data.  K-Vest is a system that measures exactly what a golfer’s body is doing throughout their swing and consists of a shoulder harness for upper body activity measurements, a belt for lower body activity, and arm band for lead arm activity, and a wrist clip for wrist activity. SAM Putt lab is the world's most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. More information can be found by clicking the above links.  We are thrilled to offer this new technology to improve your learning experience.

We are also proud to say that this year, our Junior and Ladies Academies now utilize Operation 36!  Operation 36 is a revolutionary new program developed by a group of golf professionals who believe that in order to grow the game, we need to have an amazing roadmap to help develop skilled golfers.  The challenge set out for golfers is to shoot 36 (par for 9 hoes).  By working from green to tee, versus the traditional, and intimidating, tee-box to green teaching method, it lowers the intimidation factor and is a motivating way to learn and progress in a systematic fashion within the game.  For more information on any of our programs, contact our Director of Instruction, Ryan Rinneard, for more information.

The Mad River Academy will continue to offer player development programs as well as individual lessons.  Regardless of your skill level, our commitment to you is simple – we want you to have more fun on the golf course.  Whether this involves improving your skills by hitting the ball higher, longer, straighter, or lowering your scores by improving your short game, putting or mental training, our PGA Professionals want to ensure that you are having more fun on the golf course by playing better golf.


Professional staff

Brian French, Head Professional -
Ryan Rinneard, Director of Instruction -
Debbie Clum, Associate Professional
Mark Bullen, Associate Professional
Daniel Tomei, Assistant Professional